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cartoon car

Personalized Car-Toons

3Deuce™ can turn any photo of a car, truck, or motorcycle into a custom-designed "Twisted Toon-Up". Perfect for car clubs, race teams, or auto enthusiasts.

All you have to do is simply submit a photo, and 3Deuce™ will re-draw the vehicle as a Toon. And since all of the artwork is 100% original and hand-drawn, the illustration showcases the specific features that make the vehicle unique down to the fuzzy dice.

With 3Deuce™, you're not getting a limited-edition, you're getting the original.


(includes shipping, 8.5x11 print and a CD)

So how are these done?

There is no "stock" clip art or photoshop here! Each car is drawn individually and are done in 3 steps:

Sketch it.

hand drawn sketch of a cartoon car

Refine it.

cartoon car with cleaned up lines

Color it.

finalized drawing of a cartoon car

How to get one

It’s important that each car’s unique personality is properly expressed. And knowbody knows your car better than you. So when you order your custom Toon-up, please note any special parts of the car that you want particular attention paid too. You can email as many pictures as you want to sales@3deuce-speedshop.com. I’d rather have more than enough that way I get a true feel of the cars personality.

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